Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Automatic turn signal for cyclists

bicycle turn signal Here's something for Sue. Safe Turn is a wrist-mounted automatic turn signal for cyclists. You strap the Safe Turn light to your wrist. When you raise your arm to signal a turn, a tilt switch activates the three flashing LEDs. (And we all signal our turns, right?)

Watch a video of the Safe Turn in action.

The Safe Turn signal light is available worldwide directly from Safe Turn in Australia. You can also buy Safe Turn from bike shops through distributors in Australia, Japan, Israel, and New Zealand. They haven't lined up U.S. or European distributors yet.

Via Gizmodo.


  1. ...this seems like a sensible idea...however, the switch is designed in such a way as to be more practical for "flat" type bars...
    ...i'm being nitpicky but overall, it does contribute to a safer solution...

  2. These lights could also come in handy for other types of "signals" you'd like to draw attention to. Is the middle finger still a recognized cyclist hand signal?