Friday, January 18, 2008

Portland's bike programs pay off

According to Bicycling Magazine, Portland, Ore., has the highest number of bike commuters in the country. Ethan Lindsey of Oregon Public Broadcasting reports on this Marketplace story about the industry that's grown up around all those riders, with text, audio, and video. The story is about the industry that has grown up as a result of Portland's "bike friendly" status.

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  1. Ditto that-- bike infrastructure is so important. I just moved to San Francisco, lost my car and I am one of the 10% that doesn't have a MUNI stop two blocks away. The San Francisco Bike Coalition resources, such as the SF Bike Map and the free bike safety classes have been a godsend, plus the fact that the city cares enough to label the Bike Highways, provide lots of fine bike lanes and put bike racks on the buses, all makes it possible to get around. If only they could do something about those hills. :P