Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Tour of California team at Palo Alto restaurant TONIGHT

Sorry about this late news but I just received it.

TONIGHT, Wednesday January 9, Hobee¹s Restaurant in Palo Alto will host the entire BMC Cycling Team for dinner at 6pm at the Town and Country Village location - 855 El Camino Real, 327-4111. The team will be available to speak with people and sign autographs. The BMC Racing Team is a mixture of neo pros and riders with professional experience. Lead by American veteran Scott Moninger, the most successful active racer in the U.S. to date, and Swiss rider Alexander Moos, the team is likely to make a noticeable first impression on the domestic Pro Peleton.

Watch Ken's Spare Cycles blog for photos of Team BMC in Palo Alto tonight.


  1. Saw the team on Palm Drive this afternoon (unless it was some other pro-team around here...).

    Quite a sight to see 15-20 similarly kitted up riders rolling down the road in a double line. Made me smile.

    Waved to 'em and a couple waved back.

  2. Hi Richard,

    Scott Moninger actually retired from BMC last year and is now a director over at Toyota-United.

  3. @in a van:

    Yeah, BMC used some old boilerplate for the e-mail.

  4. Thanks for noting that, Longmont. I was in a huge hurry (attending a conference) and just cut and pasted the email from BMC.