Friday, January 4, 2008

Windy in Santa Cruz, Bay Area

The moderate rain is causing some local flooding, but the wind is causing some real problems. The announcer during the radio traffic report marveled at the almost complete absence of bicyclists in San Francisco this morning while she reported which SF Muni lines are closed because of weather. The ferries also aren't running today. 40 mph winds in some areas gusting to 100 mph might have something to do with that.

There are tree branches and palm tree husks all over the roads. Here's a photo from Santa Cruz this morning.

Coastal flooding, power outages, overturned trucks, bridge and road closures, transit shutdowns and fallen trees are making things a little more challenging than usual. If you're out in this on a bike, avoid the power lines; they hurt. Flying twigs in the face hurt too.


  1. That cyclist is a bad-ass. When I was riding home yesterday I was losing my breath to the wind and today it's far worse.

  2. Wait, this is my first commute of the year! Perfect choice - I love riding in this stuff.

    The Caltrain bike-car was pretty empty this morning.

    Bonus: If the wind direction doesn't shift too much, should be a hella tailwind for my 15 miles back home later today.

  3. Now you know what to wear helmets for ;-)

  4. And maybe the styrofoam helmet can insulate against falling wires too.

    Gazer, watch those limbs and the deep water!

    I have some friends who told me the other day they're headed to Tahoe tonight. I told them "No you're not."

  5. Darn, not much wind last night.

    Left a little early to ride in the daylight (to see those limbs and estimate water depth). Mostly just a bunch of leaves on the ground.

    The towns/residents appear to have cleaned up the major limbs very quickly. Bravo!