Thursday, January 31, 2008

Bicycle carousel

I'm enjoying the break in the rain in California; I hope you're having a great day in whatever part of the world you're at. Here's something fun from sunny southern California, where the grass is green and the girls are pretty.

Bicyle carousel
Nine salvaged bikes were reassembled into a carousel formation. The bike is modular and can be dismantled and reassembled. It is normally left in public places where it can attract a variety of riders.

More pictures and details at the sculpture's website. It's very cute. Via MAKE.

More bicycle news

GQ men style photographer Sartorlialist thinks ponchos are cool.

Scofflaw cyclist riding without lights gets tased.

Poseur crashes in a group ride, sues the other guy who allegedly caused the crash for £370,000. That's around half a million dollars. Be sure to check out Quick Release for other amusing and interesting cycling stories.

Remember that speeding jerk who killed teen cyclist Enaitz Iriondo and then sued his family for the damage to his car? He changed his mind after angry mobs "hundreds of people gathered outside the courthouse ... where the case was to be heard."

Seattle: Bike racks to be replaced on Metro buses. Apparently there were concerns that the newer 3 bike racks didn't secure bikes well enough, so Metro removed the racks. The replacements are 2 bike racks.

Cycling as inspiration for teens in Cape Town, South Africa.

More bike inspired, uh, inspiration: "One of Tim Pickens's biggest breakthroughs in his lifetime quest to fling stuff into space came on the back of a regular old bicycle." Read more at the Christian Science Monitor.

Team Astana tries to clean up its image: "We're not the same cycling team."

MAKE has been posting about makeshift bicycle camera mounts, but the folks at Cycleliciousness have turned me on to the Joby Gorillapod and I haven't looked back.

bicycle camera mount tripod
If you insist on rolling your own, however, here's Yet Another Articulated Bicycle Camera Mount (YAABCM).

Lift a ton and a half with a bicycle tire pump.


  1. Just a few notes...

    That £370,000 is actually $740,000, even more than $500,000...

    I've made a camera mount with these instructions:
    It works great!

    I have a Gorillapod for my SLR and it is the greatest investment. So versatile and worth it's weight in gold.

  2. ...fritz, something about the carousel bike reminds me of my own life, hmmm...

    ...liked yer comment over on 'quick release'...left a thought myself...

    ...although i'm not a big camera guy, i agree about the gorillapod...another simple, intelligent & practical design that looks to be as good as micheal stated...

  3. Here's my mini tripod of choice


    here it is in action as part of my helmetcam setup. I store it on the backside of downtube when I'm not using it.

  4. <Brooklyn>
    I got yer sunny California weather right here.