Thursday, January 3, 2008

Santa Cruz short bar green fixie

I'm pretty sure I saw the fixed gear bike described here just a couple of weeks ago. I might even have a photo of this bike around somewhere.
The bike is a silver and green road bike with short handle bars and no brakes with black tires and green rims. The main bar is wrapped with green and black checkered material.
This is from a news report of a cyclist death. It was a hit-and-run -- a FedEx driver apparently hooked the cyclist and possibly didn't even know about the collision.

Update: The kid who died was a student at San Francisco State, home with his parents over the holidays. Lucian Gregg was apparently going downhill on his brakeless fixie when he struck the FedEx truck. What a shame. East Cliff Drive at the site of the collision is fairly steep and narrow; a sign is posted along this section of East Cliff Drive for cyclists to take the lane.

Bikes May Use Full Lane


  1. Is that a bridge or a curve around a steep hill? I'm not seeing what's going on, possibly because I'm distracted by the pretty scenery in the background.

    Incidentally, is that ever a factor in such collisions? (Oh! What a lovely--*CRASH*) Poor guy, if that contributed to his death, enjoying the moment while home on break.

  2. It's just a curve around a semi-steep downhill, and the road is cut out of the hill, hence no room for a bike lane.

    I've gone around that curve a million times, and I always use the entire lane every time. Otherwise people try to drive around you.

    Terrible, terrible news.

  3. Chico Gino, you get around dude. I didn't realize you rode in Santa Cruz also.

    I usually cross the trestle bridge by the Boardwalk parking lot and take the River path, which meets up with where E. Cliff goes. Still, it's fun to zoom down E. Cliff Drive there.

  4. ...what a shame, i hope the ups guy didn't hook him but it may be a statement about fix gear bikes w/ no brakes...even w/ the best of skills, the 'proverbial' shit happens...i shouldn't, dude...

    ...apropos of my mind now being down along east cliff, i gotta ask you a question, ever stop by tom sullivan's low key amsterdam bikes just south of twin lakes state beach ???...good man & how can ya fault anybody who rides a cross bike ?... best to you & the gang as we paddle/pedal into comes that big rain...

  5. It was a fedex truck not ups. My husband is at cort speaking in behaf of the family today. We were the young couple that saw the whole thing. you were right he was more on the side of the road looking down. The truck blinkerd to turn and the kid didnt notice untill it was to late. He tryed to get out of the way but was unable because there was a garbage can infront of him. It was the most tramatic this Ive ever seen. I was due to have my first child and my hubby and I just wanted to catch a movie and relaxe and I told him to take east cliff because I wanted to see the water, and then the fedex truck insisted the right of way and then the kid didnt even stop at the stop sign, so we were behind then the whole way.