Thursday, January 24, 2008

Tree hugger, bicyclist, Frenchman, gay guy all in one shot

Melissa Arrington killed cyclist Paul L'Ecuyer with her car in December 2006. Though she expressed remorse to the judge, she laughed out loud after a friend told her she should get a medal and a parade because she had "taken out" a "tree hugger, a bicyclist, a Frenchman and a gay guy all in one shot." When the man said he knew it was a terrible thing to say, she responded, "No, it's not."

Arizona Superior Court Judge Michael Cruikshank said he found a telephone conversation between Arrington and an unknown male friend, a week after L'Ecuyer was killed, to be "breathtaking in its inhumanity." He sentenced her Tuesday to 10 1/2 years — one year shy of the maximum.

Read more at FoxNews. Props to Warren T. Who is not a wimp.


  1. Thats B.S. why didn't she get the minimum!?!?! giving her one year less than the max isn't showing his family the justice he deserves and only gives her remorse.

  2. ehhrr I mean

    "why didn't she get the maximum" not minimum..... duh. I was too pissed to type correctly.

  3. She was a repeat offender too...apparently driving on a suspended license from a previous DUI when she killed him! I would think something like that would raise the maximum...

  4. I think they should (when she gets out) take away her drivers license and show her how to ride a bike for the next 10 years. Once she has ridden to the bars for 10 years maybe she would swerve in front of a car (drunk). Then life will sort out the rest (if she survives). At the minimum she would grow to respect what we go through on a daily basis.

  5. and how about this for Faux "News"

    when writing a headline for an AP news wire article which clearly states that the criminal received "one year shy of the maximum" and was convicted of "negligent homicide and two counts of aggravated DUI" some "editor" comes up with

    "Woman Gets Maximum Prison Term After Laughing About Murder Victim's Death"

    great "journalism" standards there, for sure - didja read it?

  6. I like Bill's idea to force her to cycle upon release.

    She certainly should never be allowed to drive again.