Monday, January 28, 2008

Vintage bicycle photos

Pete aka "fixedgear" has been downloading images of old vintage cycling photos, posters and ads and copying them to his Flickr stream for our enjoyment.

Cigarette smoking French Michelin man on a bicycle

Click on the photos to be taken to the different photo sets they belong to.

Pete's old cycling posters

Library of Congress bicycle photos

Be sure to give Pete a visit and say hello.


  1. great photos - added him as contact at FLICKR


  2. ...there's some nice work in those prints...

    ...while i enjoy my 'cycles sirius' print w/ the long-haired, buxom goddess wheeling across the sky on her bike, i feel a certain affinity for the 'torpedo fahrrader' poster featuring 6 day champion, walter rutt...
    ...serious man on a serious bike, kinda thing...but great old drawings, all...