Friday, January 4, 2008

Bicycle news

Watch this wonderful TV commercial from the World Wildlife Fund. It aired on primetime television in Canada. Via.

I'll be at the Sun Eco Summit next Wednesday. Will there be anyone else from the Bay Area at this event? Andre Angelantoni will speak on Peak Oil and how businesses can prepare for a world of declining resources. Justine Burt and Adam Werbach will speak on sustainability issues. Author Andrew Winston will talk about how to use environmental thinking to drive growth. Sun's VP of Eco Responsibility, Dave Douglas, will talk about Sun's strategy and execution of environmental initiatives across the company.

Andrea at Velorution has his opinion on Matt Parris' incitement to murder cyclists.

Team BMC cyclists are in the Bay Area enjoying our weather and training for the Tour of California.
For local amateurs, the arrival of the pros means roads will be dotted with some of the sport's fastest.

"I would compare it to getting a chance to go out and hit batting practice with Barry Bonds or getting to line up at a 49ers practice next to Jerry Rice," said Stanford Cycling Team mountain bike captain Todd Norwood.

"You're just out minding your own business on a ride and some of the big names of the sport roll by and say hi - or buongiorno," Norwood said.

Bike bandit nabbed.

Bike messengers help monitor air pollution.
Cellphones used by bicycle couriers are monitoring air pollution in Cambridge, UK, and beaming the data back to a research lab.

Researchers gave local cycle couriers air-pollution sensors and GPS units that connect to their cellphones via Bluetooth. Custom software lets the phone constantly report the current air quality and location to servers back in the lab.

"They cycle around the city as usual and we receive the data over the cellphone network," says Kanjo. "We can find out what pollutants people are exposed to and where."
Have a good weekend, all!


  1. At least the Canadians care enough about their viewers to air responsible commercials. In the USA we get to watch ads that foster excessive drinking, overeating junk food, and aggressive driving.

    Where can I volunteer to carry equipment to monitor air pollution here?

  2. Hey great vid, If you don't mind I'm going to poach it and post it as well...

    Canadians in the lead, ouch.

  3. Love the commercial. I may have to "steal" it, too. With attribution.

  4. It's not my vid, so of course I don't mind :-)

  5. ...glad to see that kind of video is on the box...
    ...w/ the growing proliferation of people, cars & cellphones & despite the best attempts by various politico/cycling organizations, i maintain that until tv is utilized on a consistent basis to both raise the awareness & regularly remind people that cycling is a part of everyones daily life, whether THEY ride or not, we cyclist's will always remain in jeopardy...

    ...this kind of reprogramming of the masses would have to be in co-ordination w/ proper school awareness programs all throughout ones educational life...scary terminology but the majority of people won't embrace it otherwise...they don't see anything it for themselves...

    ...we all 'share the road' on a daily basis but most folks don't give us a second thought until we're "in their way"...