Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Update: State corrected; thank you to James for the note.

In the Greenville, North South Carolina area a motorist in a white pickup truck has been harassing cyclists on local roads. Several cyclists report being buzzed and swerved into by the white pickup truck.

One enterprising cyclist apparently tracked the truck down and posted details about the residence of the white pickup driver. From the website:
There are two teenage brothers residing at the address that match the descriptions that have been given. There is also a white Ford Ranger registered at the address. The teens are described as Caucasian males of heavier build in their late teens, maybe early twenties. The suspect address is 410 Dividing Waters, owned by Tammy G. Bryant. The house is a large, newer home of 2755 sq. ft. tax valued at $186,000. The house sticks out compared to the homes around it because of it's large size and newness. It is on the west side of Dividing Water near the top of the climb. There used to be a large confederate flag hanging in one of the top windows of the home. This is not the house with the skulls and zillion "No Tresspassing" and "You will be Shot on the Spot" signs. That house is on the opposite of the road. One or more junk race cars have been seen in the front yard.
James, who posted this website to his Bike Greenville blog, encourages local cyclists to let law enforcement do their job. It should be interesting to see what happens in this case of cyclist harassment.


  1. Hey Fritz, one correction. It is Greenville, South Carolina, not North Carolina (though the house in question is very close to the state line).

    For those of you who aren't familiar with Greenville, SC, don't dismiss the area off because of the actions of one cycle hating redneck. Greenville really is a great place to live and ride (just ask George Hincapie who chooses to live here). Greenville is also the home of the US Pro Championship races in the fall. Yeah, there are a few people who don't like the increasing numbers of cyclists on the roads in recent years, but most residents are happy with the positive impact that the cycling community has brought to this area. This is definitely a case of one bad apple spoiling the bunch.

    ...and this guy will be charged soon. I am confident of that.

  2. I have a friend in Easley which is sort of a suburb of Greenville (another exit or two down I-85) who was one of the guys on my firstest ever ever bike club ride (when we both lived in Richmond Va). It is a nice place to ride.