Monday, July 9, 2007

2007 Tour de France live video

2008 update: For 2008 Tour de France live video information, visit the Tour de France 2008 TV and streaming video page.

I haven't tried all of these, but here are the live streaming video streams as reported by
Visit Steephill.TV for the complete list of streaming video, audio and live ticker coverage.

Spinopsys also created TwitTour so you can follow the tour in real time via the web, IM, SMS, or RSS.

Update: Don't also miss the Twitter feeds from David @ FredCast as well as David @ DailyTour and Frank @ TdFBlog. Thank you to Phil @ Spinopsys for that info.

Click here for 2007 Tour de France television schedules.

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  1. Don't forget that the David of FredCast is also posting race updates via Twitter and so is Frank at the TdF blog.

    It's actually good fun to have company like this using Twitter, lets you kow what others are thinking in real time.