Thursday, July 5, 2007

Freedom is riding a bike

Streetsblog: "Magnífico!" enthused Juan Carlos Espinosa, a 30-year-old computer programmer, as he used in-line skates to glide down elegant Reforma boulevard. "This is what we need to motivate us to exercise." On Mexico City's efforts to encourage bicycling for transportation and the national discussion in Mexico about the auto congestion and pollution that are choking the capital city.

TorontoCranks on Bike Nazis. See also Bike Nazis. And the Bike Nazi Blog. And in case you missed it before, there's this satirical video of Bike Nazis (as mentioned on CycleDog).

Huffington: "Now UCLA has issued a study that says forget the neighborhood -- we don't even play in our own backyards anymore. We prefer the virtual landscape, and even that has shrunk from the relatively Cinerama-sized PC screen of yesteryear to the pocket-sized screen of the new iPhone, which had tomorrow's presbyopics standing in line for days for the chance to buy fun that's too small to share with anyone else. Convenience is great, but isolationism is not, and isolationism is exactly what this new generation of toys breeds in all of us, despite all the talk of endless vistas. We can customize our news so that we never stumble onto something we didn't know we wanted to know, the way we did back in the days when we paged through newspapers." Read more.

Nerdy bike gear windchimes.

The genesis of Calfee's bamboo bike. Neat article. And here's Yet Another Bamboo Bike Project that's somewhat more suited for use in the developing world.

Bicycle Design: Cool bike entries in a recent industry design review. Actually, everything about Bicycle Design is cool -- subscribe if you haven't already.

Everybody has mentioned it so I might as well also: Bike Snob NYC, featuring "Worst of NYC Craigslist Ads" and other bike snob hilarity. Avoid if you have a thin skin.


  1. I wonder how old Bike Nazi is. If the most familiar reference to Nazi is Seinfeld, it would explain a lot.
    So is it better or worse than being LIBERAL?

  2. years ago I made all sorts of Bicycle part wind chimes...

    you need a great wind to make them chime
    but they are pretty when the wind blows

    I made some with parts of frames
    others with wine bottles

    most of them were all bicycle parts
    used gear cables to hang the cogs

    wonder if I have any of these kicking around the garage?