Monday, July 30, 2007

Cycle Cluster

Now that le Tour is over, I can clean my inbox of collected cool bicycle links.

Cycle Cluster "Information Collective" is like a Digg specifically for bicycle sites and news.

Paris Free Bike program. Nice article in the Mercury News.

Grant is an American in Prague. Go Czech out (sorry) his Prague Bike Blog.

A bicycle / tricycle haiku at

He stole my name, but it's still a decent blog: Cycleliciousness covers "Copenhagen Bicycle Culture." Lots of excellent photos of Danish people on bikes.

Bike Hugger: Large Guy In Spandex.

Watch out for them killer handlebars!


  1. Thanks for the mention! Although I didn't steal the name... :-) I've been using these hybrid words for ages... backlightaciousness, streetishness, cycleliciousness, Zakkaliciousness...

    Can't we just agree that great minds think alike?

  2. My sincere apologies, Mikael! I should know better than to think that my ideas are completely unique!