Friday, July 13, 2007

Age 21 to cycle alone???

I feel sorry for whomever's parents reported 21 years as the minimum age to bicycle alone!
Researchers at the University of Colorado in Denver surveyed 954 households with children aged from one to 14 to find out at what age parents thought children could safely engage in unsupervised, potentially risky activities.

Parents reported a wide range of acceptable ages for unsupervised activity -- from six to 21 years to cycle alone.
Read more: Parents disagree on when kids are safe alone. I allowed -- nay, encouraged -- my son to bike to school alone when he was in 4th grade. I walked to school alone as a first grader.

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  1. I rode 140 miles alone when I was 15. It was from Aspen, Colorado to near Colorado Springs, CO. There are long distances between towns. I have to see how I feel about it if my kids decide they want to do something when they could older.