Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Tom Danielson at the Mount Evans Hillclimb

Discovery Team cyclist Tom Danielson, who is recovering from an intestinal illness, plans to race the Mount Evans Hillclimb this weekend in Colorado. The race begins at 7000 feet above sea level and climbs for 28 miles to the top of the highest paved road in the United States at over 14,000 feet. Danielson is the current course record holder on the climb which he accomplished in 2004 while riding for the Italian Fassa Bortolo team.

Danielson will be up against 6-time winner of the event, Scott Moninger of the BMC cycling team as well as climbing specialist, Drew Miller and other top professionals.

For more info about the Bob Cook Memorial Mount Evans Hillclimb, visit Mount Evans is one of three Colorado "fourteeners" I've been to the summit of. I'd like to do it by bike some day.

Hat tip to Pete in Colorado for this news.


  1. Today I rode (slowly) the Mt. Evans Hillclimb. Danielson and Moninger went past the "citizens" group as if we had all stopped. Tom was leading with Scott hanging tightly on his wheel. I dont yet know the official times for either man but given the mild temperature and non-existent wind, I'll be surprised if the Tom's record time is not shattered. Both are amazing riders and I am very pleased (and humbled) to have been part of this event.


  2. I was a spectator at the Hillclimb today and can confirm that Danielson and Moninger were flying up the hill in an unnatural fashion. The winning time, however, was about a minute slower than his record. Second fastest time ever; buzz in the group that riders from Rocky Mounts team gave Danielson a 'lead out'on the early flatter portion of the climb, an effort which left those riders completely spent. Wonder if they were paid for their efforts?

    One of the highlights today was watching the top juniors sprinting up the hill past a line of stunned cat 4s.

    Robert H