Friday, July 20, 2007

TdF update straight from Bob Roll!

Bob Roll is friends with the folks at Kryptonite Locks. He even provided a TdF update over at the Kryptonite company blog. How cool is that?

のブログ 自転車 magic

Let me also take the opportunity to mention to my bilingual Japanese guests that a machine-translated Japanese feed of Cyclelicious is available here. See sample output here for news about ツール・ド・フランス, 自転車, and even ママチャリ. Japanese-language TdF updates can be found at this American blogging in Japanese with a French name.

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  1. Hey there, Fritz - hasn't the tour been great!? Vino kicked butt on the TT. Impressive. Contador yesterday on the mountain. Yikes! I haven't looked today, but I'm sure someone did something friggin' amazing, too. Can't wait to see it all tonight with Bob and Al.
    Bobke will check in again later this week for a final Tour DAY France update, too. Stay tuned...