Friday, July 6, 2007

Tour de France 2007 television video coverage

For 2007 Tour de France live streaming video and audio options, see this page for info.

2007 Tour de France English-language television schedules:
Click here for complete Tour de France 2007 coverage, news and daily updates.

The Tour de France begins in London in just a few hours. has a collection of Tour de France 2007 videos, including this nice prologue preview from Cycling.TV.

Steephill.TV promises continuous updates and coverage with videos, photos and race results.

Sign up to Cycling.TV to watch TdF race coverage live.

In the United States, Phil Ligget and Paul Sherwen will once again provide live commentary on Versus (the old Outdoor Life Network), while Bob Roll and Al Trautwig will provide prime time coverage.

le Tour organizers have also created the le Tour de France channel on YouTube, with a number of short videos already posted.

Tour de France television schedules (mostly from TdF blog):

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