Monday, July 30, 2007

Iban Mayo Tests Positive for EPO

Adding to the list of Tour de France riders who tested positive in the 2007 Tour de France is Spanish rider Iban Mayo from Saunier-Duval. He tested positive for EPO on the final rest day of the Tour. This was not his first positive this year, as he tested positive for higher than allowed testosterone during the Giro d'Italia, although he was eventually cleared from that test. He was suspended from the team after the result came back from the A sample. Pending the result of the B sample, possible removal from the team is possible.

Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.

For those keeping track now, the Tour de France doping-related cyclist list stands as follows:
Alexandre Vinokurov - Homologous blood doping
Michael Rasmussen - Missing tests
Cristian Moreni - Testosterone
Iban Mayo - EPO


  1. Don't forget about T-Mobile rider Patrik Sinkewitz. Who crashes out of the race, but while in the hospital news breaks that he had failed an out of competition drug test during a team camp before the race.

  2. This has been one of the worst tours for dopers . I hope that next year will be better and I'll be able to follow the whole tour with out being disappointed about the number of dopers being caught.

    I will still support and participate in local races but the big time races are getting less and less interesting as the days go by and truth comes out.

  3. To be honest I wasn't really planning on covering the 07 TdF, but then I got excited about it as the day approached. All of the doping is disappointing but not unexpected. I really hope professional cycling has hit a tipping point where this kind of behavior really is considered unacceptable.

  4. Agreed. Hopefully this is opening up the eyes of the cyclists (..hopefully..) and they'll learn that even if they think they'll get away with it, there's no place to hide.

  5. Mayo was doping too? Was he taking the correct dosage because it didn't really seem to help?