Friday, July 13, 2007

Doping pledge.... for bloggers

"Bicycles Espresso" by Bob Travaglione.
Frank Steele unveils some troubling evidence of doping among our ranks!
Marcello at Velochimp? Espresso fiend. Phil at Spinopsys? Absolutely obsessed with beer. Elden at Let's just say French reporters have found evidence of Red Bull in garbage cans outside his hotel room.

During the 1996 Tour, under pressure from my sponsors, I briefly tried a topical anti-inflammatory that may have been on the World Anti-Doping Agency banned list.
Frank exhorts cycling bloggers to take his blogger's anti-doping pledge. Read it here.


  1. I admit it I've been doping. In fact all during the 2006 Tour I was taking in at least a double shot of espresso every few minutes.

    As for that asthma inhaler, I have medical pass honest.

  2. Dope? Nah...

    Coffee? Um... I have a medical waiver. I swear.