Thursday, July 26, 2007

Tour de France good news

Over the years several people have commented that pro cycling needs to get serious about doping and the drug culture that's rampant among the ranks of professional cyclists.

UCI and le Tour organizers finally are cracking down on the problem -- and I believe pro cycling is probably the only organized sport that is serious about a problem that exists across almost every sport and almost every level of competition -- and we're seeing the results. Evidence of drug use is decimating the peloton, with entire teams eliminated from the world's premier cycling race.

While we shouldn't exactly be rejoicing, we should stand behind those who choose to race clean and continue to support them. The news this week has been a hard pill to swallow, but I think cycling has possibly reached a tipping point toward no tolerance to drug use.

I will continue to follow the 2007 Tour de France. Velonews writer Jason Sumner wonders if the competition matters anymore. Of course it matters -- I believe the competition is more meaningful now than last week. I'm excited to know that those who compete and win will have done so without the benefit of banned substances.

Allez! Allez!


  1. Great comments, Fritz. I'd like to see the percentage of the people who are abandoning the Tour but are still watching the steroid-ridden Barry Bonds chase the Hank Aaron home run record without batting an eyelash. I bet it's pretty high.

  2. I agree with you Fritz and I am continuing to follow the tour.

    Jamie, good point. I have heard several people point out that Barry Bonds has never tested positive for anything. Maybe that is because MLB is not serious about addressing the problem. As long as they choose to just look away, steroid use will never be a "problem" in baseball as it is in cycling. I am just glad that our sport is making an attempt to clean itself up.

  3. Agree and this Sunday I will be sad when it ends again. Although disappointed with the revelations, I think it has been a fantastic TdF.


  4. Well said, Fritz. I really appreciate your positive feelings and comments. More than ever now is the time to support cycling.

  5. Thanks for the comments, all. If you haven't seen it yet you should check out what MasiGuy has to write after some reflection.