Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Almax and Internet trolling

There's been some discussion about the "tests" used in "Gone in 60 Seconds, a purported documentary that claims to show that all high-end bicycle and motorcycle locks can be easily defeated with the right tools and technique. The motorcycle chain company that was featured in this video seems to believe they can win sales by misleading potential customers then insulting them when they're called on it. The company (or persons who seem to represent the company) even try to play the sock puppet game pretty well, from what I've seen.

I didn't think it was necessary, but Kyrptonite has responded to "Gone in 60 Seconds." I'll attest that high quality locks from Kryptonite and other high-end lock vendors are effective in preventing bike theft. Sure, a determined thief with the right tools can defeat these locks, but I think most of us realize that locks are deterrents, not absolute preventatives. Picking the right lock is an exercise in risk management.


  1. PIcking the right lock is an exercise in risk management.

    Indeed, especially if you're not a good lock picker :)

  2. Ha ha! The pun was completely unintentional, really!