Sunday, July 15, 2007

Tour de France 2007: Stage 8

That's an old photo of Danish cyclist Michael Rasmussen. He placed first in today's stage in the Tour de France 2007, also winning the Yellow Jersey and King of the Mountain. Visiting the long tail once again for Stage 8 commentary:
  • Chooky Fuzzbang: "So the big question is, “who’s the favorite to win GC?” I’ll be honest. I don’t have a clue. Leip, Vino, Kloden, etc. don’t look like contenders on a day like today. They didn’t do poorly but they didn’t ride like leaders. But they could be saving themselves. They didn’t look particularly strained. Valverde looks pretty good here."
  • Tour de Denver -- this guy is riding his bike every day, trying to recreate the stages of the Tour de France in Colorado.
  • Julie writes about "TdF Stage 8: Wicked Game". Instead of "Risky Game" because "that would entail recreating a scene from Friends featuring Jennifer Aniston."
Monday is a rest day, so maybe I'll catch up on the other cycling news and issues that continue during this race.


  1. My favorite part from Sunday's stage had to be this:

    I've never laughed so hard during the TdF.

  2. Michael, I missed that part. Thanks for the link. I've been watching quite a bit of TdF with my youngest son (11 years-old) and find it amusing when he starts talking about breakaways and the peloton in front of others who have no idea what is going on. I leaving now to find a link of the guy going over the guard rail...

  3. Rasmussen is just so cute! so happy for him.