Thursday, July 5, 2007

Walking school bus for cycling adults

The Walking School Bus is a program to encourage walking to school by organizing the children so they walk to school together, which a handful of adults to monitor and help along the way. As the group walk toward the shcool, they pick up more children along the way.

A variation is the bicycle train, in which adults supervise children riding their bikes to school.

Bicycle NSW in Australia has expanded this idea of the bike train to commuting adults by creating the Bike Bus program. A bike bus is a group of people who cycle to work in a group. It’s called a “bus” because there is a set route and timetable so it can pick up more “passengers” along the way. Cycling is a quick, fun way to get to work while keeping fit and healthy. A bike bus adds sociability and comfort.

Read more at the Bike Bus website. Via Spinopsys who found it via Pedaller.


  1. that is fantastic

    I walked home from school from a young age

    as I got older
    I walked to school and then home
    we were forbidden to ride our bikes to school

    for a short stint my brother and I rode our bikes to school
    locking our bikes up a few blocks from the school

    someone snitched on us

    we were told not to ride our bikes to school

  2. Oh man no way! Talkin' about bike nazis...