Monday, August 10, 2009

Anna Paquin: not a gutter bunny

I know I just posted a photo of Anna Paquin on a bicycle the other day, but I saw this one and had to do it again. I absolutely love that she's not a gutter bunny.

Anna Paquin cycles home after a Yoga session

More celebrities on bicycles photos here.


  1. To me, the gutter bunny is somebody who hugs the edge of the road, riding in the gutter.

    I see on Urban Dictionary that gutter bunny has a different meaning to mountain bikers.

  2. The first picture I saw had her taking the lane. I loved it.

  3. No need to apologize...there's no such thing as too many pictures of Anna Paquin!


    "Mountain biker slang for a person who commutes to work on a bicycle."

    I doubt that actresses such as herself could reasonably commute by bike anyways. It's so hot in Los Angeles that they'd need A/C on their bikes.

  5. I would have thought your definition was the right one, Fritz.

    But, as FixedXorBroken notes, WordSpy would consider you, Fritz, a gutter bunny.

    If I could, I'd commute on my bike but I have no job to commute to right now.

  6. I think she looks ridiculous wearing a helmet while riding that kind of bike. Can't be going any more than jogging speed. Political correctness. Over paranoia. Another of the asses of the masses doing what they're told.

  7. of course wearing or not wearing a helmet doesn't change the velocity of oncoming traffic...

    I'm personally looking forward to 7 more seasons of True Blood :Pe