Thursday, August 27, 2009

A friend in need

A friend needs to sell this frame, a new Serotta Meivici Custom Carbon Road Frameset 52cm. The eBay listing is here.

Serotta Meivici Custom Carbon Road


  1. Would it be wrong for me to comment that the frame has the "extra gay" paint scheme?

    If it is, I won't post it.

  2. ...ya know, mildstallion, were it politically correct to agree w/ you, i would but it isn't, so i won't...

    ...'sides, s'prob'ly a chicks bike...

  3. ...not that there's anything wrong with that.

  4. The ad says it cost $8k selling for $3900 seems a bit high.

  5. ...$8,395 !!!...ok, i'll say that again w/out shouting...$8,395 & there may have been an up-charge on the paint job 'cuz it's not their "bottom line" basic...

    ...custom, carbon (crabon) lugged & tubed frameset (including fork)...

    ...that's today's (08/28/09) price...

  6. @Mild: It's a good thing you didn't post it, because yeah, that would be wrong.

    @BGW: It is indeed.

    @Velo: Out of my price range, anyway.

  7. ...the paintjob sucks regardless of who it's for...i'm guessing the boyfriend (girlfriend ???) knew her fav'rite colors & hodge podged this one together...(sorry...just being honest)... to know why she doesn't wanna ride it (separation ???) 'cuz it's gotta be a great ride...the ride & handling on my ti n' crabon serotta is amazing to me even 2 years later...

    ...invest in a new paintjob, maybe black w/ skull n' crossbones to say "screw that person" & ride it like ya stole it !!! advice & thank you, that'll be $20.00...


  8. Um,..Yeah. That thing is F_g City. I thought that the first time I saw it.