Tuesday, August 11, 2009

It's all about PERFORMANCE

HILARIOUS hipster fixie versus road cyclist rap video.

Props to Anna @ Wend.

P.S. Don't forget to enter the t-shirt giveaway.


  1. $5k for Shimano 105? :)

    The best rap video I've ever seen. By far.

  2. Yeah, a PERFORMANCE Tirreno w/ triple cranks and flat pedals :-)

  3. =v= $2K for a decade-old Dura-Ace? It's all about sales performance, I guess. BTW, steel is real, 1988 Japanese frames 4TW!!!

  4. I passed on seeing this first link 'cause it was called "performance" and I thought it was like, serious. It is TOO MUCH.

  5. just hilarious and a damn fine song!

  6. I made my guy watch this... later on as we were getting a little frisky, I said, "I have to tell you something about our relationship."
    Then a pause... then I sang it,"It's all about performance."
    I just couldn't resist!! Kudos to a song I frequently feel the need to bust out while I'm riding!