Friday, August 7, 2009

Hurray Menlo Park police

A bicycle theft victim in Menlo Park, California saw her bike for sale on Craigslist. She notified the local police and, amazingly, the cops arranged a sting operation and arrested the alleged bike thief!

The police recovered another bike that was also reported as missing, so it really does help in some cities to report those bike thefts and save those serial numbers. I have photos of my bike bottom brackets where the serial numbers are inscribed in case I ever need to report a stolen bicycle.

Props to Ellen Fletcher, Dan, and others for the news.


  1. ...police are encouraging people to mark their bikes with an identification number. An ID number makes a bike less attractive to thieves, and it makes for better evidence in court...


  2. Carving your drivers license number onto the bike is one way. I keep the bike serial number.

  3. ...bottom line ???...

    ..."hurray menlo park police", just as you state...

  4. Indeed. Job well done.

    I've personally found MPPD to be approachable and open.

  5. I really should've been more active in the search for my stolen bike last week. I know finding my bike would involve going to every pawn shop in Downtown Phoenix and combing through Craigslist ads...
    On a sidenote, I already found new/used bike, a cool vintage one for $40!