Friday, August 28, 2009

Barack Obama rides a bicycle

I like the LA Times blog commentary on no helmet Obama as he rides around the bike paths of Martha's Vineyard. Discussion also Copenhagenize.

Some of the reaction from the peanut gallery include "truly despicable," and "What kind of fool doesn't wear a helmet?"

If you want to wear a helmet on a slow bike ride, fine, but throw labels around like "fool" and "despicable" is way out of line, IMO.


  1. I agree, some people need to get a grip!

  2. Crucify him! He has no helmet.

  3. ...the "times" article actually read as satirical whereas some a' the comments "not so much"...

  4. "What kind of fool doesn't wear a helmet while biking?" wondered Chicago Tribune photo editor Maggie Walker, who was so aghast after spotting the images that she emailed the White House.

    Uh, a biking fool?

  5. I like how it ties into this article from today's WSJ about perceived and actual risks, and whether we should really expect to be warned about any and every conceivable danger.

    (Found via How We Drive)

    I do think walking helmets are the next new thing... Maybe it's time to patent something.

  6. ...warning !!! NOT go to cyclingnews & look at professional road racing cyclists warming up for the start of the vuelta because in some cases "they're not wearing helmets"...OMG !!!...

  7. After I read that driving has a similar risk of head injury, I started wearing a helmet in cars. No one has followed my example, even the ones who go on about bike helmets. I wrote more here...

  8. Have you ever ridden with kids? It's the slowest bike ride ever... when I ride with my kids I reward myself by allowing a helmetless ride on the sidewalk. It's foolish but it works for me...

  9. I hate to say it but I tend to think of people who ride without helmets as not having a whole of brain to protect. In certain situations, I can see that helmets aren't really necessary but its just a good idea to always wear one.

    When I was alot younger and way, way dumber, I'd ride a sport bike (yes, motorcycle) without a helmet regularly. I survived but would no way, no how ever do it again.

    I don't support crucifying the president for not wearing a helmet but he should keep in mind that he's a role model. Plus, he's got a really important brain to keep intact because, much as I like Joe Biden, I don't want him running the country.