Saturday, August 15, 2009

Frankie Andreu sings about bicycles

Like Tyler @ Bike Rumor writes, "I just can’t figure out why this never caught on."

From The Bike Show.


  1. Not sure which one is more painful to watch ;)

  2. Egad. Let me know if it got better toward the end.

  3. It's pretty bad, isn't it?

    Still, I wonder if you could get one of those Peugot Michelin jerseys?

  4. ...such a fitting tribute to the likes of roger pingeon, regis ovian, bernard thevenet, walter godefroot, tommy simpson & eddy merckx...

    ...all men who proudly wore the maillot of peugeot - BP - michelin at one time...

    ...& the french...ah, the there anything quite as catchy or as well crafted as a french pop song or music video ???...i think not...n'est ce pas ???...

  5. Doesn't the singer look a lot like Frankie Andreu?