Thursday, August 20, 2009


This blog post is my application to join the Specialized Trail Crew.

I debated with myself for about, oh, 8 seconds, because having use of an AWESOME 2010 Stumpjumper FSR from Specialized along with gear and FREE MOUNTAIN BIKE TRIPS might have an impact on my journalistic integrity and the trust you, my readers, have in me to provide truthful, unbiased information about bicycles and related products.

But I'm better than that. There's absolutely no way that a major bike company could effectively bribe me. But that's because Specialized already knows they have the best bicycles in the business. Since that's the truth, I can't lie can when I write product reviews that highlight the many superlative qualities of everything in Specialized's product line.

I know this because the Local Bike Shops I buy from are Scotts Valley Cycle Sport in Scotts Valley and The Spokesman in Santa Cruz -- both of them Specialized dealers. I tell everybody I know to go to those shops.

When I ride, it's often in my Specialized gear -- I have Specialized shorts, jerseys, helmet, gloves, shoes and socks. I even make the extra effort to get those rare Specialized water bottles.

I think Specialized road bikes are so awesome I even hit steep, sandy singletrack on my Specialized Roubaix.

Specialized Trail Crew

Specialized Trail Crew

The Roubaix tackles dirt, roots, logs and rocks with perfection, of course, but I believe Specialized transcends perfection with the 2010 Stumpjumper FSR, especially on the sandy trails of the Santa Cruz Mountains. I'd love the opportunity to test that belief.

There was that one alleged incident with me and Specialized on April 1, 2008, but that really wasn't me, honest! It was an imposter, somebody who tried to sully my good name!

I'm influential all over the Web 2.0 Internets -- 1,800 followers on Twitter, hundreds of friends on Facebook, thousands of views on my YouTube account, thousands of views every day on my Flickr photos, thousands of visitors to my blog everday -- I'm there and I'm active. I'm also on Plus 3 Network. I've even joined the most awesomely outstanding social networking site out there, which is the Specialized Riders Club.

I'm an influencer in the meatworld too -- people ask me what kind of bike they should buy, and I always tell them to look at Specialized and nothing else!

I have a sneaking suspicion that at least one or two of the group trail rides will be right here in the Santa Cruz Mountains, and I'm already right here so Specialized won't have to pay for my travel to those trails! Nisene Marks, Soquel, Wilder, UCSC, Henry Cowell and Big Basin -- I already know and enjoy those locations!


  1. Yeah, but you haz bad grammar and speling skilz, dude.

    Not to mention a strong streak of avarice and the morals of a, well, lady of the evening.

    I'm just sayin'.

  2. ...hah...good heavens, man...wondering how you'd ever think you could compromise journalistic integrity YOU'VE NEVER HAD, you despicable key-padded cyclo-slut !!!...indeed !!!...go ahead, sell yourself off cheap for a few beads, trinkets, assorted racing wheels & some colorful handlebar tape...
    ...just wait...yer gonna need more n' a 'roubaix' or a stumpjumpin' fsr when you see the twisty, rutty road of degradation that this will lead you down...

    ...but hey, best of luck w/ that & btw, uh, can you get me a deal on, like some stuff ???...i'll just make out a list, ok...???...

  3. Ohhh...degradation...I wish I'd thought of that! It makes me feel all warm and kinda squishy, like those little furry toys I keep in the....oh....never mind.

    But you should be ashamed of yourself, Fritz!

  4. I think you forgot to close your /hyperbole tag.

  5. I tell you what, if I don't win this thing THEN I'll be ashamed and reconsider my bald endorsement of everything Specialized.

    @Erik: There's nothing in that post that's overdone or exaggerated.

  6. You are shameless...I'll give you that. I'm with Erik -- it smacks of hyperbole, but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do to get the goods, right?

    No matter what, I hope you win this thing! You'll put the bike to great adventure...I have faith in that.

  7. Fritz, have you entered the A-Busch contest for the "FREE for life BEER" refills for your CamelBak?

    Be a happy trail rider... stay hydrated!

    PS. well lubed cyclo-sluts (love that one) have more fun.

  8. Look at all the comments you get! What an active site!

  9. @Sioux: That's the proof of my social media mad skills, no?

    Of course, BSNYC gets hundreds of comments on his blog posts -- he really should join the trail crew. Him and Fattie Nelson.

  10. More Specialized love/hyperbole over on my blog:

  11. I think I forgot my /kidding tag. But if you win then you win. I took a different tack with my post ( It'll be interesting (and super awesome) if one of us gets on the Trail Crew! It would be freakin' magnificent if we both did!

  12. Erik, that would be awesome indeed if you won.

    You know, I really thing BGW should enter also, since he was there at the beginning on Mt Tam and all....

  13. ...well thanks, fritz but the truth is, as old as i am, beautiful mt tam was there prob'ly 100's of thousands of years before i climbed her lovely flanks for the first time (i'm extrapolating on the time frame---please don't hold me to that, geologists)..., as far as mt biking ON mt tam, ya, been there since day 1, first on a one speed klunk & then on a "murray baja" given to me by g-fish n' ck kinda as a joke...

    ...know what ???...beat a lotta guys on fancy "mt bikes" up that hill on a regular secret motto back then---"laugh at my bike, fine...can't laugh at my skillz"...

    ...BWAHAHAHA !!!...

  14. Okay, this guy totally blew me out of the water with this entry: he registered!

  15. ...ok, bud, let's get serious for a moment here, now that we've all ripped ya for the sake of fun & bad humor...

    ...aussie boy's got an impressive display no doubt about it, fritz but it's just one approach...

    ...'Specialized' certainly needs to realize how valuable you are in bringing so many different aspects of cycling together...

    ...a simple perusal of your work at speaks volumes as regards your enthusiasm, advocacy, selflessness, work ethic & the simple joy you seem to both find in & bring to cycling...the work you put into your blogsite showcases your validity as a perfect candidate for this particular opportunity...

    ...i hope Specialized doesn't miss this chance to bring the kind of value you represent to their organization...

    ...good luck, fritz, my best,

  16. I heartily second Bikesgonewild's post! All the best, Fritz.