Friday, August 14, 2009

Door Zone video

From Commute Orlando blog...


  1. Meanwhile in many GREEN communities bike lanes are being installed adjacent to and on the left side of parked cars so students can ride "safely" to school.

    Cycling advocates high five each other with these "positive" changes.

  2. That was taken on Sunday Aug. 9th in Ft. Collins during the LCI classes I attended. It's nice to see it getting around, the LAB has plans to make another more "professional" version as well.

  3. Thanks Carl - I was trying to figure out where it came from.

  4. I can see this being a useful demonstrative for an attorney providing rebuttal evidence in litigation, specifically where a driver alleges that the bicycle rider cycled unreasonably (and is therefore partially or wholly to blame) because he or she occupied a large portion of the road.

  5. I was wondering where this was shot. A friend of mine emailed it to me yesterday. And the YouTube description doesn't provide much info.

    Preston did my LCI seminar, too. He talked about this demonstration, but we didn't do it. It's a great video! I hope it gets embedded all over the web!

    Thanks for the link Fritz :-)