Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Foes Racing commuter bicycle

"Commuter bikes are very popular but practically 99.9% of commuter bikes are made overseas," says Brent Foes, designer of Foes Racing full suspension mountain bike frames that start at $3,000 and go up from there.

Foes has applied his expertise in high performance mountain biking to create the Foes Pasadena Crown City Commuter Bike.

Foes Pasadena commuter bicycle

Foes Pasadena commuter bicycle

"I am hoping that there is a customer who will recognize that a frame hand-made in the USA is something really special. To stand out in the crowd I have taken care to create a distinctive and recognizably American style frame and built the complete bike with excellent components," says Foes of the Pasadena.

According to Foes, he designed the bike to be light and agile but with enough give to make it comfortable on urban streets.

"Even the very expensive aluminum commuter frames felt pretty much like riding around on a coffee cans," says Foes. The frame he created for the Pasadena is "the perfect combination of lateral stiffness for acceleration and small bump compliance for comfort."

This bike will be available after September 1 at Foes dealers. MSRP $1,199 frame only, with different build options at $2099 and $2599.

MTBR has video and photos of Pasadena prototypes that were shown during the Sea Otter Expo last spring in Monterey, California. I'll try to look this bike over at Interbike.


  1. Let's see: No visible means of attaching a rack or fender, minimal tire clearance, off-road gearing...and all for only $2600?

    I don't know who this bike will appeal to, but nothing really recommends it to this bike commuter.

  2. What Jon said.

    What do Americans have against fenders? Oh yeah, they're not cool.

    And what is cool? Pushing 50 psi knobby tires down a paved street? Riding a racing style bike to your office or the grocery store in your street clothes?

  3. Commuter fail.
    I too am looking for the fenders, rack option, perhaps a chain guard.

    I'm liking the Gary Fisher Simple City 3 M. All of the above, plus a 3 speed internal rear hub.


    Foes, please try again.

  4. Nobody else has mentioned it, so I will: that bike is "ass ugly".

    +1 on all the good critiques above. It's apparent that many bike manufacturers still just don't get it.