Monday, August 10, 2009

Furry disc wheels

It looks like somebody in San Francisco decided to take some revenge on furry creatures that jump in front of bikes.

Better than this, I suppose.

squirrel death by bike

See more at Velo Vogue -> Homme Cro-Magnon à vélo.


  1. Suck it, PETA! LOL. That is totally craptastic! BTW, I had a very similar bike to that in 1988. I cracked the frame a few years later with 1.21 gigawatts of pure sprinting manliness. Either that or it got squished in my hatchback, but I think it was my legs.

  2. Wow. Had ot be either California or West Virginia (or... mebbe Montana...) (my captcha word is "phishout" - must be the carma)

  3. dude, that must be happening on the bike path from Willow to Marsh in Menlo. There are shiteloads of squirrels there.

  4. Now I wanna do a time trial on that bike :P