Thursday, August 20, 2009

Catching up

Road Bike Across Kansas is a new blog geared to beginners. The blog author, Jackie, is new to cycling and says she absolutely loves it. "It's a really intimidating sport," she tells me, "so I am trying to cover the basics, including definitions and basic information about finding a great bike shop, choosing a bike, encouragement to get out and ride, as well as talking about my journey toward doing Bike Across Kansas in 2011." Check out Jackie's Kansas cycling blog and say hello when you have a chance.

Global Agent for Change: Riding to break the cycle looking for tour support drivers. Deadline September 1 2009.

Robin Williams talked about his heart surgery and cycling on Conan Obrien. H/T.

The Bike List is a very nicely done website to help consumers choose a bike and then find a UK dealer who sells the bike.

San Jose Bike Plan -- public comment taken until August 27.

Chicks on Bikes <-- Not what you might think!

Santa Cruz riding for rights.

L'Eroica Boulder scheduled for October 4. For you perverts, "L'Eroica" is Italian for "The Hero." It's a bike ride.

Neat photo essay: Biking Through Colombia.

CC: Strangers working together.

Dahon folder with iPhone charger.

Pearl Izumi tries viral marketing - Ban The Speed Shop.


  1. That's ColOmbia.

  2. @Anon: You know, I never noticed that before. Thanks for pointing that out -- I'll correct in the post.