Friday, August 21, 2009

Soho Bike NYC

The purple babydoll dress probably caught the Sartorialist's eye, but we know he also likes bicycles just like we do. BSNYC recently mocked people who lock their bikes to construction scaffolding, but he mocks everybody so judge for yourself if it's a good idea or not.

Babydoll dress bicycle

At The Sartorialist, everybody comments on how they love how the flip flops and her toenails match her dress. I love how the rusty rims match the copper frame color that matches the rider's auburn hair. That front basket rocks, too.

See the original over at Sartorialist: On the Street....Soho Bike, NYC.


  1. Scaffolding is great for pinning your bike to until they decide to pull it down while your in the shops! :-)

  2. =v= The scaffolding isn't the problem. The weak U-lock is.

  3. @Jym: I couldn't tell if that's one of the old Bic vulnerable locks.

  4. ...her rusty rims, her auburn hair,
    i couldn't help, i hadda stare,
    her copper bike was kinda rare,
    she was lovely, she had flair... only hope if this is fair,
    is that the wind would blow through there,
    & lift her dress on billowed air,
    oh yes, she's got a lovely pair...

    ...she went "ohh", a little scare
    without a touch of real despair,
    this auburn beauty didn't glare
    as i saw everything that was there...

    ...ok, now, i just couldn't figure in flip flops n' u-locks along w/ purple & scaffolding...& while those long lovely shaved legs brought to mind "nair", that's just not real poetic...
    ...just sayin'...

  5. You're a poet and I didn't know it, BGW! :-) Even if it's not real poetic it gave me a smile.