Friday, April 10, 2009

1943 Huffy

Ruth Slovenski is my hero.

She rides a blue 1943 Huffy bicycle with a basket to get around. The cool thing -- Ruth is older than the bike: she's 83 years old.

She got the bicycle as a gift from her parents when she was a teenager in 1943. It's the only bicycle she's ever needed or wanted. When she was out for a coffee run last weekend, somebody stole the bike.

A happy ending: When they heard about the theft, several people offered reward money for the bike's recovery. Somebody who claims he received the bike saw Ruth's story and turned her bike in to the police.

See photos of Ruth as a 15 year old girl and today with the same Huffy bike.

Wend Magazine blogged about this too.


  1. ♥amazing, what a history both have together.

  2. When I look closely at the photos, there are obvious differences between the two bicycles. The frame in the new pic is has a completely different brace tube between the 2 downtubes. The relative curves of the 2 downtubes in the 2 pics are completely different. And the distance between the rear fender and the seat tube is very different on the 2 frames. Something is not right.

  3. ...same bike or not, killjoy, i'm just glad an intrepid woman whose is still cycling at that age, got her bike back...

  4. @bikesgone...
    Nice personal attack on me.
    The story is about getting back the original 1943 bike, and I was merely pointing out that in the photos it does look like 2 different bikes. Having a bike stolen is terrible, but the story reads very differently if it is not the original 1943 Huffy.
    And by the way intrepid means fearless; maybe you meant resilient or determined. But then again, you probably don't care about facts.

  5. Great story about someone staying active all their lives, and using a bicycle to do it. I agree however, it's not the same bicycle!

  6.'t get all huffy, anonymous person...btw, anonymous & personal don't really equate in my book...

    ...but if you're gonna drag me back into it, then here ya go...
    ...intrepid: characterized by resolute fearlessness, fortitude, and endurance...

    ...fearlessness:- 83 years old & still pedaling out for coffee on our mean streets...& unfortunately they are "mean streets" for we cyclists...hmmm, pretty fearless...
    ...fortitude:- 83 years old & still having the determination to pedal out for coffee shows a definite fortitude...easier to stay home w/ a cup of sanka...
    ...endurance:- 83 years old & still pedaling out for coffee ???...that is a consistent endurance, at least in my book..., speaking of facts, while you may be right about the bike, those are some other facts, at least as i see them...