Thursday, April 2, 2009

BUST out the bicycles

BUST, a magazine "For Women With Something To Get Off Their Chests," published a story that encourages cycling.
The Europeans have known what’s up for a long time, but here in the U.S., cycling is finally developing a following– and some fashion sense– outside the realm of athletics. Cycle chic even has its own Wikipedia page, defining it as ‘the culture of cycling in fashionable clothes…cycling is an everyday transport choice and many cyclists choose to wear their regular clothes, as opposed to outfits generally associated with cycle sport, such as bicycle shorts, gloves and shoes.’ Celebrities are getting in on the action, too.

That's How I Roll.


  1. Sweet!

    Nice that appearance-obsessed folks can get into cycling, too, tho' I confess one of the unexpected side effects of my bicycling habit is that my extreme lack of fashion is now more acceptable since "oh, she rides a bike all the time." They better not have folks thinking I could do better ;)

  2. thought provoking.

  3. Thanks for this post and always being on top of it! BUST is a great 'zine!