Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Free hotel loaner bicycles

Jennifer Pfaff and her husband went on a trip to Calistoga a few months ago and were delighted to discover the hotel would lend them bicycles, helmets and bike locks for free and for as long as they wanted.
More in the SF Examiner. H/T to Dennis D.

Have you had a hotel provide free loaner bikes and gear?

When I attended the Bicycle Leadership Conference at the Embassy Suites Hotel and Conference Center in Seaside, CA earlier this month, the hotel concierge checked my bike and (extremely sweaty) helmet and showed me where I could clean up and change my clothing for the conference. He was very helpful.


  1. I rarely use hotels. When I traveled with a friend through New Zealand we stayed with hosts from WWOOF (worldwide opportunities on organic farms) a few of the hosts had a few bicycles we could use to get into town and see the area. It was great! I definitely had a better experience because of it, since otherwise I'd just be stuck at the house.

  2. I believe the Ritz Carlton in Half Moon Bay also has loaner bikes. There's a really nice bike path there too.

  3. We considered getting some cruiser bikes for Le Tournesol but declined to do so worried about liability.

  4. Of course there are bike rental opportunities nearby!

  5. My wife & I stayed at a place in Santa Barbara that had loaner bikes once. It was nice for cruising up and down the beach.

    At first we tried taking out a tandem, but quickly discovered that's a whole new skill we didn't have, so we went back for two regular bikes!

  6. I was working in the UK and staying at the Pennyhill Park Hotel. They had three bikes guest could check out. Rode in the Swinley Forest that was located a few miles from the hotel.