Monday, April 20, 2009

South Bay Hit and Run: Watch for silver BMW

Cyclist Ashleigh Jackson, 24, of San Jose was cycling in a bike lane when she was hit and seriously injured Sunday afternoon in a hit and run. Cyclists have repeated posts to Twitter asking people to keep an eye out for late model silver 7 series BMW with a damaged passenger mirror.

Ashleigh's boyfriend and riding partner, Dave Nelson, said the car hit him also, though he was injured. He reports the car's passenger side mirror was dangling.

Note from Dave Nelson:
Ashleigh is Serious and Stable condition right now. Her head had rapid acceleration and deceleration of the brain. She has some slight bleeding on the brain. She is at Valley Med Trauma ICU. This happened because a late model silver 7 series hit here from behind right past Fruitvale ave in the bike lane at 5:30 pm. I was in front of her and the mirror that was dangling from the car hit me also in the bike lane. The car proceeded to pull to the right and then
take off. It was a heart sinking tenious situation for a while. I really thought I was going to lose her there. The Police, Fire and her Docs at Valley Med have done a wonderous job. She is alive and she is a fighter! Keep her in your prayers.

I am in desperate search of a late model silver 7 series with a broken right side mirror around Los Gatos and Saratoga. I have no license plate I was the only witness at this point. I was just trying to keep her alive.
This is what a 7 Series BMW looks like:

BMW 7 Series

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* Craigslist posting.

I was hit by a red BMW in Santa Cruz while I was cycling last month -- that driver also ran.


  1. Our thoughts are with all involved in this horrid mess. Our eyes are open.

  2. That's heartbreaking! I'm sending up a prayer for Ashleigh and her loved ones. I was also hit by a car last week, but fortunately I was not hurt too badly, and the driver did stop. It makes me mad how often this happens!

  3. Is this getting any media coverage? It should be.

  4. Fixed: the local news reported on this -- Merky News, KCBS, NBC, KTVU...

  5. This sickens my stomach. My thoughts are with Ashleigh. Reminds me of a "close call" I had two weeks back when a modified Honda Civic that buzzed me while riding on a very wide street with a bike lane and very little traffic. I can only think this was done intentionally and hope drivers like this pay dearly.