Monday, April 27, 2009

Dirt Series: She's the pretty cyclist

I took some photos over the weekend of the Dirt Series women's mountain bike skills clinic in Santa Cruz at the invitation of local travel writer Karen Kefauver. Karen's a real sweetheart, a lot of fun to be around, and very enthusiastic about everything she does. She faceplanted into a sandpit while racing at the Sea Otter Classic the other weekend and laughed through the whole episode.

I'm just a hack with a blog and a camera, but Karen is a professional journalist who does research, checks facts and takes notes. She told me Olympic medalist Jill Kintner was at this clinic and asked me to take photos of her.

"Okay," I say. "Where's Jill at?"

Karen, with a completely straight face, tells me, "Jill is the real pretty one. Bye!" and then Karen goes back to her group for more mountain biking instruction.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am in a field surrounded by 60 athletic, stunningly beautiful women on bicycles, and Karen tells me to find "the real pretty one." Uh huh.

Dirt Series in Santa Cruz: Mountain Bike Skills Clinic for Women

Dirt Series Women's Mountain Bike Clinic

Dirt Series in Santa Cruz: Mountain Bike Skills Clinic for Women

Karen writes about her experience at the Dirt Series mountain bike skills clinic in Santa Cruz. Drop by and tell her hello!

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  1. Oh, I feel so, so bad for you! Haha!

  2. That is REALLY unfortunate. I for one appreciate the sacrifices you endure for those of use who are less blessed. Did you ever sort out which one was Klitner?

  3. For the record, all the women that weekend were gorgeous! I thought Jill had a special glow about her that day. Also, I confess it was the first Olympic medalist I have met and been coached by!