Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What's wrong with this picture?

What's wrong with this picture?

a) Label not lined up with tube valve.
b) $50 Hutchinson Fusion 2 race tire on a $30 entry level Mavic rim
c) Bike is inverted, scratching the cyclocomputer display.

More on this tire later.


  1. it would have been more fun if you waited for us to post what was wrong with the picture.

  2. label not lined up with tube valve?!?

    i don't get it? i've been cycling for 3 decades and have never heard about this OCD technical detail...

  3. d. all of the above

    That said, if said setup works for the rider, then who am I to judge?

  4. e. Tire is going to slide out from under you while turning in the rain because the sides lack sufficient carbon in the rubber

  5. D. Tire color doesn't match handlebar tape.
    E. Tire mounted to roll in wrong direction.
    F. Cyclocross bike not road.
    G. All the above.

    OK, I give up, what?

  6. Jack, I actually do have a cyclocross "style" commuter bike with big fat fenders and skinny road tires on it right now -- it looks really really weird. And now that you mention it, the bar tape doesn't match the tires! I need to replace the tape right away! :-)

    Anon 9:56 - label is lined up with the valve to assist with puncture finding when patching a tube. Find the hole in the tube, then locate the spot in the tire that caused the puncture.

    Wirehead: who's insane enough to ride in the rain? I mean besides those professionals who get paid to do it?

    Chatterbox: My tire. I was setting it up for the photo and realized my mistake with the label.

    Juan: I thought about doing it that way. Oh well - next time.

  7. $50 Hutchinson Fusion 2 race tire on a $30 entry level Mavic rim?? How about a 50 dollar Hutchinson tire on a 2000 dollar wheel? Woo..

    And where's the dust cap for the valve? Unpardonable. Does it also have a pie plate? Plase tell me it does.

  8. a) Price discrepancies aren't always bad. My commuter has crappy Alex rims, but expensive Marathon Supreme tires because I hate flats. So far I'm happy with my choice. Can see the problem with the pic tho - whatever weight savings the tires made the rims lost 3 times over.

    b) I prefer to line my valves up to the PSI rating, as I can never remember the max pressure and hate scanning the sidewall for it. As long as you're lining it up to SOMETHING, you're good.

    c) Can't stand trip computers. Shopping for CR2032 batteries (or whichever) is a pain.

    I'll add one;

    z) 23c + crappy roads = pain

  9. well if the bike is flipped in the grass, there won't be any damage to the speedometer, right ?!

  10. Not enough light? Really. Shooting at 1/25 at f/4.0 using 1600 ISO. Where were you? In a cave? And I'll bet you were depending on image stabilization rather than using a tripod. And then there's the composition...

  11. Man, I guess when I post snark I get it back in spades.

    I got some good inspiration, though: How about a pie plate for a front wheel?

    I'm a creature of habit -- I almost always get Continentals. I don't know why, they're just the tires I know, I suppose. Decided to try these Hutchinsons and, guess what? they work also.