Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Charikichi = Nihon-no Cyclelicious

Charikichi in Japan has been linking to Cyclelicious for a while, usually from the Tumblelog which was recently renamed to "Girls on Bicycles" because it often features photos of cute Japanese chicks on colorful fixed gear bicycles.

Charikichi, with its tagline "For Girl By Girl," roughly means "bike crazed" which might be expanded to something like mad joyous love for bicycles. I like to think of it as a Japanese translation of Cyclelicious :-)

Thank you to my buddy Naoto-san for the Japanese translation help. And domo arigato to Charikichi bike blog for the link love.


  1. Why do all of the other languages get the truly cool sounding words? :D

  2. The grass is greener: The Japanese use many English loan words. Even 'charikichi' is partly from the English word "Chariot," which is what the Japanese call their bikes (e.g. mamachari for "Mother's Chariot"). Apartment buildings are called "manshon" (mansion), etc.