Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Dog on bike

You've got to see this to believe it: a big ol' dog sitting patiently on the rear rack of a moving bicycle.

Bankers Bikes: Wall Street job losses mean less business for high end bike jobs in NYC. Hat tip to Michael.

Silicon Valley bike news

Borregas Avenue Bike Bridge grand opening is scheduled for Earth Day, April 22nd at 10:30 A.M. The ceremony will take place at the landing of the northerly bridge overcrossing SR 237 at Moffett Park Drive.

Cupertino Mary Avenue bike bridge

Cupertino Mary Avenue Bike Bridge ribbon cutting ceremony April 30 3 P.M. This is the dramatic white suspended bridge (shown above) over I-280 near the Hwy 85 interchange.


Movie about obesity epidemic.

Bicycling faster than driving.

Cozy Beehive's fashion advice for First Lady Michelle Obama.


  1. Amazing, the Mary Avenue bridge in Cupertino has been on the books of my fair city since 1996 and it has finally made it to see the light of day later this month. Will anyone who lives in Cupertino *actually* use it? I say no and opine that it'll mostly serve regional biking from Mountain View to Cupertino, those on a leisurely, weekend ride.

    That's not such a bad thing.

  2. Jerry it's not like cupertino paied for it anyhow...
    it was VTA funding that covered the expense. Still not sure why the bridge was needed considering stelling is perfectly serviceable as a brige over the 280

    but i suppose spending 10 mil on a bike bridge makes sense to someone...

  3. Yes it is dramatic, was it needed? How far away are cross streets?

    All for needed cycling infrastructure but this looks like suspended art. Was it done to keep cyclists from dangerous intersections nearby?

  4. By the way, thanks for linking Brent's entry re. the greatest threat to America.

    The trailer is excellent and should be the basis for the velorution:


  5. Jerry, I thought the whole reason for the bridge was primarily to provide access to Homestead High School. The recreational cyclists headed to Stevens Canyon will still come up Foothill Expressway, I think.

    Like Wuss wrote, Stelling is just a block away, and many cyclist advocates in the area are still scratching our heads on this. Still, there's something to be said about a community that decides to make a bicycle facility its landmark structure. Some Cupertino city officials call this pedestrian bridge "Cupertino's Golden Gate."

  6. I have one coworker that has been waiting for this to open since they began construction last year. The other nearby cross streets (Mathilda and Java) are ... uh ... unfriendly. As a result he has been driving from his home in downtown Sunnyvale to our office which is only a couple of miles away.

    So, yeah, one user at least.

  7. Have any of you heard of De Anza College; that institution which Mary Avenue dead ends into? I have gone to classes at that college many times and have wanted an easy, friendly way to get there like from Los Altos, Mountain View, and Sunnyvale. Look, if that bridge were there, then that idiot parking structure next to Flint Center would never had to be built. What did that thing cost? Think about it.

    John C.