Friday, April 10, 2009

taking bicycles a bit too seriously

Courtesy of ValleyWag:

Cisco Exec Makes Death Threat Over $4,000 Bike

Apparently enraged that his custom-built $4,000 Cervélo was a day late, Burton stormed into Cyclepath, a bike shop in Pleasanton, Calif., to get a final fitting. . . .

You can tell that the reporting isn't completely reliable: there's no way that a custom Cervélo could be had for $4000. Tip of the hat to Anh Tu.


  1. 1. I don't think Cervelo has a custom frame program at all...except maybe for their pro riders.

    2. Unless specifically paying someone to be your punching bag, no expenditure of any size justifies being a dick. And $4,000 for a road bike isn't even spending a lot. That'll get you a mid-level Cervelo frame and, like, an Ultegra gruppo. La di fucking da.

    3. The folks at Cyclepath are super-nice. Very laid-back, relaxed atmosphere. Very friendly and helpful. Dropped in there once with a buddy who was shopping for a new saddle. They gave him a Selle Italia to try out...a free demo saddle that was worth around $150 retail. Didn't ask for a deposit or even a credit card #/imprint. Just his phone number. That's the type of folks they are.

    Kudos to the owner for making the jerk apologize, even if it was an insincere apology.

  2., mr "cisco joe" burton...ya thought you were gonna be the cats ass/meow 'cuz you were investing more money on a bicycle than ya initially thought was possible...

    ...while 4g's ain't nothing to sneeze at, cisco joe, when it comes to the world of cycling, you're just getting your feet wet...

    ...but no matter what you spend, no amount of money buys you the right to be a least not in our little cycling world...'re gonna have to up your game, amigo, both attitude wise & on the machine...spend 4 grand a pop for a new ride & while we all know it ain't the 'best', we'll still expect to see some action...

    ...& you better get smooth n' supple, joe...we have expectations amongst our ranks...

    ...just sayin'...

  3. Wishing death on someone is not the same as threatening death on someone.

    He's still an ass, but there's a big difference between "I hope you die" and "I'm going to kill you."

  4. In my experience it's the folks who have sort of almost a lot to spend (i.e., wannabes) who have to prove somethign and get an attitude. The really rich ... welp, I don't even usually get to be lifeguards at their pools but they tend to know who to talk to to get somethign done instead of wanting to just make somebody else as miserable as they are insecure.