Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Graduation BBQ this weekend

BBQ Saturday May 2
4 PM to 7 PM
MacDorsa Park
77 Civic Center Drive
Scotts Valley, California USA

My wife Sara will receive her Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology this Saturday from Bethany University and I'm having a barbecue in Scotts Valley, California in her honor. Even if you don't know Sara, this is an opportunity to meet up with me and meet my family and eat some free food.

A few of my Internet friends are talking about coming from as far away as San Francisco, so I thought I'd open it up to loyal readers of Cyclelicious as well!

PLEASE RSVP (I know, redundant "please") so I know how much food to get if you think you'll be there. Please also let me know if you prefer / require vegetarian food! I'll provide some (ovo/lacto) vegetarian, but I like to plan ahead.

The forecast currently calls for "likely showers." There's a shelter / gazebo thing I rented, but still, dress for cold, windy and wet. It's the Santa Cruz Mountains after all.


Driving Directions: From San Jose, take Highway 17 south toward Santa Cruz. Exit Mount Hermon Road (the second Scotts Valley exit) and go right on Mt Hermon. Turn right on Scotts Valley Drive (2nd light on Mt Hermon). Turn Left on Civic Center Drive. Ample parking for MacDorsa Park on the left.

Public Transportation from the Bay Area: Catch the Highway 17 Express bus from San Jose Diridon Station. Fare is $4 one way, $8 for a day pass that's good on most VTA bus and light rail and all Santa Cruz Metro buses. The buses can carry 3 bikes in the racks and the driver may allow up to 2 bikes inside if space is available, but space is never available. Saturday bike racks are often filled to capacity. It's about a 30 to 45 minute ride to Scotts Valley (depending on the driver). Get off at the first Scotts Valley stop ("Kings Village") and text me or call me at (408) 505-8159 for a ride to the park. Saturday Highway 17 Express schedules: Southbound (San Jose to Santa Cruz) and Northbound (Santa Cruz to San Jose). NOTE THAT NOT ALL TRIPS STOP IN SCOTTS VALLEY (aka "Cavallero Transit Center" on the schedule). Change is not given, so bring exact change for your fare.

Public Transportation from Santa Cruz: Route #35 departs every hour on the half hour from the Metro Center on Pacific Avenue. After a 15 minute trip get off the bus at the Civic Center Drive stop in Scotts Valley -- from there it's a short walk to the park. $1.50 one way, $4.50 for a Santa Cruz Metro day pass. No change is given so bring exact change for your fare.

Bicycle from Santa Clara County: Ammon is talking about biking from the Cat's Hill race in Los Gatos this Saturday to Scotts Valley, so maybe you can hook up with him. It's about 15 miles from Los Gatos to Scotts Valley by bike. Here's the bike route he's taking. Mountain Charlie Road is very low traffic but this one lane road is very steep, very narrow, very rough, and has very sharp turns so control your speed so you don't fly into a ravine. Remember: It's supposed to rain this weekend in the Santa Cruz Mountains, so dress appropriately!

Bicycle from Santa Cruz: My favorite bike route these days is Emeline -> Plymouth (alongside Hwy 17) which becomes El Rancho, pass Pasatiempo continuing north on El Rancho, curve right to stay on El Rancho (instead of following the street under Hwy 17 where it becomes La Madrone) -> Mount Hermon Road. Cross over Hwy 17 on Mt Hermon, turn right on Scotts Valley Drive, left turn onto Civic Center.

If you don't like steep hills from Santa Cruz, take the railroad tracks alongside Hwy 9 through Henry Cowell Redwood State Park to Felton, cut across the Roaring Camp Railroad parking lot, cross over Graham Hill Road to the (I think unnamed) road directly across the railroad, take that to Conference Road, turn right, follow it to where it deadends, walk your bike on the dirt trail until you get to paved road again, turn right on Mt Hermon Road, left turn on Scotts Valley Dr, left turn on Civic Center Dr.



  1. When I first read the headline, I thought you were graduating from BBQ school. That would get me up the hill :)

    Congrats to your wife.

  2. I think a Master's Degree in BBQ sounds like a worthwhile pursuit. An M.Bbq.

    And thank you!

  3. Congratulations to your wife. I'd love to come but my daughters' first Communion is this Saturday.

    I hope the weather cooperates for you.