Monday, April 20, 2009

Sea Otter Classic 2009 race photos

Ken Conley has some excellent photos from the Sea Otter Classic. You have your choice of Liz Hatch or Dan Holloway.

Aside: Liz and Team Vanderkitten took delivery of those ultra hot Storck Absolutist bikes this year and raced them for the first time at the Tour of Redlands just three weeks back. It was genius for Storck to sponsor Team Vanderkitten -- Vanderkitten is a pretty high profile team and they get way more exposure than they would supplying the bikes for a men's domestic squad.

You can view all of Ken's photos at his site:
More Sea Otter Classic race photos

Photo-John uploaded his Sea Otter race photos to MTBR.

I saw Brian Hodes (aka "Veloimages") at Sea Otter also -- you can view his photos at You click "Events" then select the Sea Otter Classic 2009.

Finally, Carson Blume uploaded his excellent photos to the Women's Cycling blog. I saw him at the Men's road race finish shooting photos of Levi Leipheimer but I don't know where those photos are at.

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