Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Lance Armstrong bike thief arrested

Lee Crider is allegedly the guy who stole Lance Armstrong's bike last February during the Tour of California. He was arrested on Tuesday. The guy who turned the stolen bike in to Sacramento police, Dung Le, apparently bought the bike from Crider. I'd love to know how much Le paid for the one of a kind time trial bicycle.

Wend Magazine opines:
Bike theft is a crime that should be punishable by castration, even if that crime gave the internet community the opportunity to poke some fun at the seven-time Tour de France champion.

There should be an arm of law enforcement dedicated entirely to busting bike thieves and serving them up some Guantanamo-style justice.


  1. You've gotta love the people who want their pet peeve punished by applying eugenics.

    They effectively make their standpoint laughable.

  2. it should have read:

    Guantanamo-style "justice"

  3. Castration, torture and isolation seem extreme to me, but punishment that exceeds the crime might be a reaction to the usually non-existent investigation of bike theft in almost all areas.

  4. Maybe I'm sensitive, but it's a little soon to be using Guantanamo as an adjective like that. There are still prisoners there.

    (I know you didn't write it... I'm just getting that off my chest.)

  5. ...i'm sure we've discussed this before but here goes, again...

    ...the old saw "they shoot horse thieves, don't they ???" came about from the fact that in the "old west", if you stole a man's horse, you might effectively be condemning him to death because you were taking away his transportation, his ability to readily salvage food, water & shelter, his protection from predators, be they wild animals or other men...
    ...therefore, it wasn't considered to be out of line to shoot that horse thief, given the opportunity..., while time & logistics have changed, i'd suggest the emotional attachment to our trusty steeds is also worth a high price as well... i say, you should be at least allowed to shoot the little buggers if they try & make off w/ our bicycles...