Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sea Otter 2009 photos

I suppose I should post some of my photos from the 2009 Sea Otter Classic and Expo.

BMX is kind of fun to take pictures of.

Sea Otter: BMX

Ben Clough of CycleAware shows me the Torpedo vacuum insulated bottle that fits in a standard bicycle bottle cage. I think he told me it will be available for sale in May. Ben & Lee also tell me that business is going very well for them. They have excellent product for cycling and I'll have a couple of giveaways of their stuff soon.

CycleAware Torpedo bottle

The lovely Marian Hunting tries the Delta 7 Ascend bike that I was testing. She said it fits better than her own bike. The dude with his head chopped off is Carson Blume. Carson and Marian publish Women's Cycling Magazine.

Marian on Delta 7 isotruss road bike

Mia (below left) is my editor at Momentum Magazine. Laura (in the green shirt) is Momemtum's new ad sales rep for the SF Bay Area. Laura went mountain biking for the first time this last weekend, taking personal lessons from the dude with the bowler hat and white tie. The guy to the right is Erik aka Fenriq of Norcal Bikers.

Mia, Gary, Laura and Eric

Check out Billy Savage and his pristine 1935 Schwinn. Billy produced the movie Klunkerz, which is about the beginnings of mountain biking in Marin County. If you haven't bought Klunkerz yet, for goodness sake help this brother out and get the DVD. It's pretty good.

Billy Savage and his 1935 Schwinn

Lorri Lee Lowns of VeloGirls and fanboy Hans.

Lori & Hans

This is Brian. He sells ZYM tablets, which are electrolyte tablets that you drop into your bottle. They fizz up and dissolve in water. Kind of cool stuff.

Brian of ZYM

This Santa Cruz Bicycles full suspension tandem looked interesting.

Santa Cruz Franken Bikes

The piece of work below is a freaky two headed monster from Santa Cruz Bicycles. Front suspension forks on either end of this bike provide full suspension front and rear. The rear steerer tube is locked.

Santa Cruz Franken Bikes

Carlos is the chief monkey of Bike Monkey. He organizes bike events and publishes a quarterly.

Carlos @ Bike Monkey

I was camped out on the racetrack waiting for the road cyclists during a circuit race when this lizard popped out and tried to sell me some insurance.


That's all for now!


  1. Nice photos, dig the lizard! Sayin hi to my buddy Fenriq!

  2. Okay, I totally want the Torpedo from CycleAware now. It'll be awesome. I'll be able to grab a cold drink of ice water after two hours of climbing mountains. I'll fill it with tea and be able to have a more pleasantly caffeinated ride to work in the winter while riding at my usual fast pace.

    And it'll also fit quite well in with my current collection of metal water bottles.