Friday, April 3, 2009

Northwest winds 10 to 20 mph

Today's weather forecast for the San Francisco Bay Area is code for "a really fast bike ride this evening." I even saw mention of possible gusts to 40 mph.

Confidential to Murph: Leave a little early so you don't miss your train.


  1. Snork. That's news?

    Oh, yea, there :)

  2. I forget how windy it is in the Midwest sometimes :-) I moved away from Illinois in 2001.

  3. sounds like a perfect day to hit up Sherman Island, Crissy Field, or Coyote Point and bust out some duckjibes on the ole' windsurfboard with a nice 5 meter sail.

  4. dude you lived in Illinois too?

    Are you stalking me?


  5. You knew that, Murph. I lived in Champaign County in Sidney, out between Philo (the center of the universe) and Homer and not far from the huge Frito Lay grain facility.

    I used to ride my bike 25 miles to work on the north side of Champaign before I got a gig much closer in Savoy before I got a nice "work from home with travel" gig before I got laid off and moved to Colorado.

  6. It's been a little windy here in Oklahoma this week, Fritz. Ten to twenty is a nice, early morning kind of wind. It picks up through the day. By mid-afternoon, birds trying to land in Tulsa finally make it to a perch somewhere in Kansas. I can coast at almost 20 mph on the way home.

    Enjoy your breezy day!