Friday, February 8, 2008

Bicycle bag dig

Jen in Chicago inspired me to audit the contents of my bag. I dumped everything out onto the kitchen floor and cataloged the contents like an archaeologist digging through the ruins of Pompeii. Man, I'm a pack rat.

Bag audit part 4: Right outside pocket

Main pocket contents:
    REI cycling jacket
    MSR Pocket Rocket instruction manuals. 7 of them.
    Assorted trash.
    Plastic bags in case it rains.
    Receipts x 3.
    "Dirt Rag" wool cycling socks. I've been looking for those socks.
    Strida flyer that I picked up at Interbike last September.
    Work gloves that I use as cycling gloves.
    Omar Barba art exhibit flyer from last November.
    Pick slip from Fry's Electronics.
    REI cycling cap.
    Lock mounting clip.
    Bike maps x 4.
    Printout of Google Open Social API.
Left pocket:
    Bike saddle bag with my tools, spare tube, CO2.
    Take A Look mirror.
    Work badge.
    San Jose Bike Party flyer from last October x 2.
    Assorted trash -- paper towel, and several throat lozenge wrappers.
    Loose change.
    52mm camera lens cap.
    Roll of black electrical tape.
Right pocket:
    Two empty gum packs.
    Cell phone.
    "Look Ma, No Carbon!" stickers x 10
    Caltrain bike tag, except it's a spoke card style.
    DOllars bills just loose, floating around.
    Plastic bag with cookie crumbs.
    Ear plugs for hearing protection.
    More loose change.
    Plastic bag with emergency bus fare.
    Kryptonite Evolution Mini lock.
    Adjustable wrench.
    Crooked Cog business cards.
    Halls cough drops x 2.
    Chewing gum, individual pieces.
    AAA batteries x 4.
What's in your bag?


  1. I don't know how you carry all that weight on your back. I did the backpack thing for 2 days and I was sweaty(er) and the extra weight on my back was bad!

    Although if I ever need something I hope you're around!

  2. Heavy bag: Hence the audit, Jared :-)

    I've found that messenger bags hang lower on my back and the weight is partially supported by my hip. Less weight on my back than a backpack and less sweat, too.

  3. A Contest!. And a bunch of other stuff.

    The Contour Backpack is actually quite comfy if adjusted properly. It's got a nice lumbar frame and some good suspension.

  4. ...jeez, mcgyver, you got everything in there but...ah, sunglasses & this bright california sunshine...

    ...hey, actually i'm the one that would like to be up there in the rain lookin' at cool bikes...

  5. Aw nuts, now I feel compelled to go back and take a picture of all my stuff.

  6. =v= I see a lens on your list but not the camera itself. Was it used to take the photo? :-)

    Lesse, I mostly have a subset: rainjacket, tools, cellphone, Caltrain destination tag, and 2 maps; plus my camera, chocolate, a few issues if The New Yorker, more chocolate, my passport, and whatever paper I picked up during the day, to recycle.

    I don't have 7 Bike Friday Pocket Rocket manuals.

  7. wow!

    You can't cycle uphill enough.

    I hate every extra ounce and am considering removing my spleen to help go faster.


    Fun post